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Every business begins with a story. Our story was born on May 16, 2008. Her name is Delaney and she was born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia which left her with an underdeveloped optic nerve. The business was generated to help offset the cost of therapy and possible treatments. 

  I started baking in 1984 as a side venture to generate funds for my growing family. I continued with that venture until 1994 when we relocated to the Kansas City area. I took a 16 year hiatus to focus on raising my family. All my babies grew up, and grand babies started to come. When the fifth grandchild was born, Delaney, and we learned of her condition I decided to come out of baking retirement to help generate funds for the advancement of Delaney.

   Our sweets are perfect for any occasion! If you want some down home luscious baked goods this is the place. We specialize in family recipes (fruit cakes, whiskey cakes, etc.) that have been passed down from generation to generation. As well as new creations developed by myself (peach cobbler muffins, sweet potato paradise pie, and much more). We will cater your desserts for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, holidays, right down to just a plain old sweet tooth, we've got you covered! 

Please go through the website and browse through our collections. You may order anything you'd like, we do take customer request. Orders can be processed through our website on the "Order Form" page or through our contact information below and then we bake and deliver:
Novella Avalos
Phone: (816) 309-3237 


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